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Sponsor an Activist from Impacted Communities! Pitch-in for Scholarships to Action Camp


Organizers at the forefront of social change struggles are ready to take their activism to the next level!

Pitch-in today to support their participation at the 9th annual Localize This! Action Camp.  

Applicants to camp are driven and deeply invested in uplifting and positive change-making. We're recruiting gifted trainers to share their hard-won insights and lessons learned. Now, what participants from impacted communities need is a helping hand to get to camp. 

Donate today so activists from throughout the country can make their change-making endeavors ever more creative and effective!

Would you like to sponsor an activist?

$350 covers the hard costs of their attendance, like food, lodging etc. (Pitch-in extra for honorariums for trainers, to defer participant travel costs and make camp a sustainable resource for years to come!)

* Thank YOU for supporting Renaissance's CSO work. Donations are processed by the Backbone Campaign located in Vashon, WA. Backbone Campaign is registered with Washington State's Charities Program as required by law and additional information is available by calling 800-332-4483 or visiting www.sos.wa.gov/charities.